Originally Released: March 15, 2021

In partnership with OntarioMD, CANet invites you to join our first virtual Expert Knowledge Exchange (EKE), 'Health Literacy and Technology.' 

CANet’s Mission

To develop, evaluate, and implement innovative technologies and health strategies to improve arrhythmia health in Canada.

As we develop technologies to advance heart rhythm health, we engage patients as active partners in creating research agendas, to participate in clinical teams and technology development working groups.

VIRTUES is a patient-focused CANet-developed platform that supports care for arrhythmia patients. 

Our patient partners are active collaborators throughout the development lifecycle by:

  • sharing insight into lived experience used to inform functionality and useability of the technology, and;

  • offering feedback during iterative co-design and prototype/product testing.

Currently, multiple CANet-funded and supported clinical trials are evaluating patients with VIRTUES in use.

To learn more about VIRTUES, please visit https://virtues.care/


With our virtual EKE, we want to collect your insights, listen to your feedback, and give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with CANet's patient partners. 

We want to understand, from the patient's and a caregiver's perspective, what tools will support a patient's journey, as well as, to inform the type and format of additional health literacy resources incorporated into VIRTUES.

Please register and join the conversation! CANet wants you to:

  • CONNECT with patient partners,

  • SHARE experiences in the hope of continuing the conversation to better understand patients’ health literacy pathway, and,

  • LEARN how a virtual care platform can augment and play a role in supporting the patient journey and increase self-assessed levels of health literacy.

Virtual Event Summary

Elizabeth Keller, VP Business Development & Stakeholder Relations, and Dr. Darren Larsen, former Chief Medical Officer of OntarioMD, along with their patient partner, Sydney Graham share their insight into health literacy.

CANet's patient partners, Vickie, Ann-Marie, and Joel, share their experiences accessing health-related information and how a digital tool could help support a patient’s health literacy journey.  

All registrants will have the opportunity to share insights, provide feedback and ask questions to our CANet patient partners which will be answered and provided during our Post Event Q&A (pre-recorded) session.

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • CANet, Patient Engagement, and VIRTUES

    • What is Health Literacy?

  • 2

    01. Understanding Health Literacy

    • Improving Health Literacy Using Technology: Can More Access and Information Improve Our Health

    • Ontario MD - Introduction

    • Ontario MD - Health Literacy

    • CANet Patient Partner - Vickie

    • CANet Patient Partner - Ann-Marie

    • CANet Patient Partner - Joel

    • Ontario MD - Benefits of Improving Health Literacy

    • Feedback

  • 3

    02. Lived Experience & Health Information

    • CANet Patient Partners

    • CANet Patient Partner - Vickie

    • CANet Patient Partner - Ann-Marie

    • CANet Patient Partner - Joel

    • Feedback

  • 4

    03. Digital Tools & Health Literacy

    • Digital Tools

    • OntarioMD - Increased Access to Personal Health Information

    • OntarioMD - Tools That Could Help Support the Patient's Journey

    • CANet Patient Partner - Vickie

    • CANet Patient Partner - Ann-Marie

    • CANet Patient Partner - Joel

    • Feedback

  • 5

    Closing Remarks

    • Thank You

  • 6

    Questions and Answers

    • CANet Patient Partner - Vickie

    • CANet Patient Partner - Ann-Marie

    • CANet Patient Partner - Joel

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